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Everything has changed on earth of ecommerce.

Web design surrey (UK) - Just five years ago you would be surprised in the event you could develop a half decent ecommerce site at under £5,000. You would need to pay earnest young coders as well as their project managers high hourly rates to create your site and build in the functionality you will need. As well as they would charge you extra for SEO, submitting your products to Google and many types of one other fancy what you require to get visitors to your website to start with.

The situation is now different.

There's a plethora of high quality online web building systems that permit the newby to generate websites that either advertise your services or sell your products. Those days are gone that the business must pay a lot of money to possess a decent presence on the web, now you can get it done for close to nothing yet still get 95% with the functionality of the pros. And, needless to say, the real deal is that you are competing on decent terms using these large companies - they have large overheads to cover their huge, creaky and ‘expensive to maintain’ systems, you don’t. That means that you can most likely compete with them on price from your low overheads.

How to sell online? Well the initial hurdle may be the preparation of the data. For those who have a list of your product or service then you are halfway there. An easy spreadsheet with records in rows and fields in columns showing product titles, description, prices,images and SEO information is all that you should get going. Add your logo, design, delivery prices, terms and go for it.

Then you will get a contact whenever you receive an order and all the sales processing functionality which make life simple for you along with your customer - invoices, delivery notes, shipment confirmation - as well as tracking if you'd like it.

Of course, if you don’t fancy setting all thatup, then we’ll do it for you.

We’ve been creating websites for years here at and we be proud of charging ridiculously discount prices to take action. For £199 VAT we will create your site - ecommerce or otherwise - designed beautifully and giving you an effective presence on the net. We will set you up a Google account and update all of your products in their mind, so that they appear on the results page. We are going to ready your data therefore it makes sense and submit your website to Google, adding Analytics for the site to help you see who’s visiting.

Hey, life can be more complex if you would like, but we believe simple is better.

Call us on 44 1306 644960 or email if we can help.

Web design surrey (UK)

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